Profession in analog and digital circuitry solution.
K.K.Rocky is a leading company specialized in the design and development of embedded electronic board products including AD/DA related, FPGA based and DSP related for control and image processing in broad range of application.
Intelligent Touch Panel [High Resolution Type]

Intelligent Touch Panel [Compact Type]

FMC Carrier Board with Spartan-6 (Xilinx)

FMC carrier board with Cyclone V (Altera)

FMC AD/DA@high speed 16bit

FMC Carrier Board with Virtex-6 (Xilinx)

FMC Carrier Board with Artix-7 (Xilinx)

Arbitrary Function Generator

64ch/AD board up to 1,280ch/20 AD boards

High Speed, Preciseness & Flexible design

Entrusted development