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ITP [High Resolution Type]

- Description
This Intelligent Touch Panel (ITP) is one of operation touch panels. It works as independent display or operation module. Being embeded in a industrial equipment, the ITP displays/changes over screen(s) according to user's touch operation on the panel or commands from the equipment, and then feeds backs the information of user's operation to the equipment.
Since Rocky offers full set of touch panel LCD, controller PCB, firmware on it and PC software (ITP designer), the user can easily adopt display and touch panel interface on their equipment.

- Specification
o Display: 7.0 inch TFT LCD 800 x 400 pixel 16/256/64K color
        8.5 inch TFT LCD 800 x 480 pixel 16/256/64K color
       10.4 inch TFT LCD 800 x 600 pixel(*) 16/256/64K color
        (*)need resolution converter option.
o Touch Panel: Resistive Touch Panel
o CPU: SH7268 (SH-2A, 266MHz)
o Memory: CPU built-in SRAM 2.5MB
         SRAM 32MB, Flash 8MB, serial EEPROM 16KB
o OS: Unique Firmware
o Communication: USB(Host/Device) x1, RS232C x1, UART (3.3V) x2
o Extention I/O: General Purpose I/O x8
o Camera: NTSC camera x1
o Extention card: Wireless LAN card
o Media: Multi Media Card(MMC) x1
o Sound: Rectangular wave generator x2
o Bord size:104mm x 148 mm
o Power: DC 5 - 28V / max 1.3A (except LCD)

- Block Diagram
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- Ordering information
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- Application
o power monitoring system
o measuring instruments
o inspection instruments
o medical
o industry
o physical and chemistry
o home, building automation
o secyrity instruments