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K.K.Rocky is a leading company specialized in the design and development of embedded electronic board products including AD/DA related, FPGA based and DSP related for control and image processing in broad range of application.


FMC Carrier Board with Cyclone V (Altera), RFM-BSC5GT7H1,

The RFM-BSC5GT7H1 is a PCI Express short sized FMC carrier board with Cyclon V FPGA (Altera), which is designed mostly for low cost, high-performance data acquisition with Rocky's series of AD and DA FMCs. Simple block diagram is provided upper side on this page. The board has one Cyclone V (Altera), one HPC-FMC site and various features as following.

o Cyclone V (5CGTFD7D5F31, Altera) for FMC and IO control
o DDR3 SDRAM (512MBx2)
o NOR Flash (1G bits)
o Gen2 x4 PCI express
o 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet
-Form Factor
o PCI short card (98x230)
-Other features
o GPIO to control/connect other FMC carrier boards
o DipSW, PushSW, LEDs for easy test and evaluation

- Ordering information

- Application
o Test measurement instruments
o Medical equipments